has gathered researchers from three reputable institutions affiliated to University of Belgrade and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science – National Institute of the Republic of Serbia and Institute of Technical Science of SASA) to contribute future development of the energy storage technology.

The research on batteries and supercapacitors based on multivalent-ion chemistry within the HiSiperBat project enables us to make a step forward to a modern and sustainable society less dependent on fossil fuels.

HiSuperBat developed novel, cost-effective, and safe prototypes of Li-free aqueous rechargeable hybrid cells by combining battery vanadium-oxide cathode and capacitor carbon anode with a Li-free aqueous electrolyte, that would solve cost and safety issues of Li ion batteries.


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[1] Tamara Petrović, Miloš Milović, Jana Mišurović, Aleksandra Gezović, Veselinka Grudić, Milica Vujković, Hybrid aqueous Ca-ion battery: Design and Performance,…

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What is HiSuperBat?

FInd out more about HiSuperBat project, its specific objectives and motivation.

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Our Team

Get to know our team of young researchers working on HiSuperBat project.

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